Angelique F. -Gitta is one of the world's premier yogini's I ever came in touch with. From an early age, she demonstrated an innate philosophical maturity and outstanding yoga abilities. Her international modeling career meanwhile took off as she was crowned Miss Belgium at the age of 17. While she was only a child, she already had out of body experiences, she just was a special.  I always had the feeling the modeling life did not interested her that much, but as my opinion she was "adorable". She called it a " meaningful coincidence" but never liked the public attention about her private life. It was her (though) way to spread her message to the world but it worked.  Audiences around the world were stunned by the depth and power of her expression, her inside beauty, her Wisdom. Critics and hungry tabloids only talked about her private life, how they wanted it to look like, but very far from how I know the real Gita for over 21 years now. Gita, as she is. I admire and praise her for her sweet modesty and mystical intelligence which rendered listeners completely taken by surprise, compelled and astonished. After a visit to New Delhi, she told me the story about a famous family who she explained their own tradition they knew nothing about, their roots nor their spiritual background. She is tremendously rare in the power of her wisdom and speech.  In September 2015 Gitta performed and teaches at the world biggest Yoga Bhakti Event in USA, our sweet Belgian yogini, surrounded by world's most famous yoga teachers. She was offered to stay and teach in the US, but returned home, were she was born. Never ever one article in our poor Flanders about all that was published. Never one article about the Yoga opening-ceromony of the season of Sakura in Japan. Never one article about her time in Indian Ashrams, her studies in India, her travels through the Himalaya's, her stay in Tiger's Nest (Bhutan), The Royal Bhutan Marriage, her goodwill work for the international Yoga Festival of Rishikesh. She is the one and only female Belgian who ever teached yoga in Lumbini (Nepal) in a school for children. Lumbini is the sacred birthplace of Buddha. She is so modest, too modest, quiet, but does so beautiful work. Her mission, clearly, is to spread the power of love, of oneness, of kindness, of Yoga.  Abroad, she is highly praised among renown yogi's. In October 2015 she stepped back from her modelling work, cancelled every fashionshoot, every runaway show. Finally she did what she all her life always loved to do. Helping, inspiring, caring.. Be who she wanted to be. Her True Self. B(rigitta).PURE. She has covered so many international yoga magazines, had a tv show about Yoga, teached in some of the most prestigious concert halls of Europe. Having mastered a formidable yoga science, she teached (and still teaches) around the globe, but what matters to her mostly is "helping", her goodwill work, her children in Nepal, in Egypt, and offcourse, in her own country. She is so modest and pure, and that is what I love about her. 90% of the public "know" more about her then she knows about herself, as the real truth about this wonderful being was never written down. Gossip dies when it hits a wise men's ears, fortunately, not everybody is blind and sees her the way she truly is.  I always saw, "knew", "felt" from the first time ever "who" she really was. Her best friend wrote to her the truth, I fully agree his last words: "Gita, Thank u for all u have given me, U are a woman by birth and an angel by nature" -  So, writing this all down, now, is my gratitude and devotion towards her, while I am still alive. The most precious gift ever: "She". She gives me strength, power, love and insight.  I love her path, which she mostly walked alone, "too different to understand", people said, she told me: "that is the biggest compliment i can get, u know.. People live far away from their true nature, if only they could truly see their inner beauty, we would never live in a world as it is"
Her words, so powerful, so brave.  I love her! Gitta, if u read this, I love u. I bow to u. Your real life friend. 

Tineke V.  - "LA MAISON PURE" What a beautiful place! Upon entering, you're greeted by the wonderful smells of insence, herbs, tea, essential oils, and by the charming owner and yoga teacher, Gita herself. You can tell she took her time in carefully selecting, decorating, creating - from delicate sculptures to handcrafted tokens and trinkets, everything is yoga-inspired and comes with a story. This places is Gita, pur sang. Truly beautiful and oh so inspiring. Every time, different, new things I see, new things I learn. My example for life! 

Brigitte B.  -  "Gitta, you have chosen a path in life which many want to take but few actually dare to and by doing that you have given yourself the potential to change at least one life every single day. You don't wait for chances, You create them - just so powerful!...."

Elisabeth S.  - "Love this place - what a great place to find yoga inspired art, bracelets and clothing!!"

Daniel D. - "Beautiful shop offering everything you might need for a zen-filled yoga life!"

Lydia V. - "B.PURE yoga Boutique is so special to Flanders. It offers wonderful products including essential oils, jewelry, tea and of course yoga supplies. As a yoga instructor myself, I love to go and get my supplies there. I highly recommend this Boutique. Also the owner, (and my friend yoga teacher) Brigitta, (Gita) is so sweet and helpful!"

Claudia G. - "This boutique is the perfect stop for all my yoga needs. Beautiful decoration, calm atmosphere, great variety of things at great prices and the best customer service! Brigitta not only runs a wonderful boutique but she herself is a wonderful human being, a beautiful teacher. Namaste!"

Mélanie P. - "The boutique is lovely and so peaceful. Many unique gifts for that special yogi in your life. 

Marijke P. - "This is a beautiful space for teachers to offer workshops and share their gifts with the community.  Gitta is sweet & kind, and is always looking to support Yoga, Meditation, or other teachers in the area. I also love her Yoga boutique. Awesome"

Walter P. - "This Boutique is a unique gift shop specializing in yoga and other wellness-related items. I have been in a number of times and always discover something new. Last night I attended a yoga class at her school for the first time, and it was also fabulous. I highly recommend this place!"

Melissa L. - "Amazing selection of meaningful gifts and inspired products!"

Nathalie V. - "La Maison Pure's Yoga boutique is more than just a boutique, it is a peaceful lovely place to find affordable things to nourish your mind, body, and soul.When I need peace, I call to see if i can go, just hanging around, talking to Gitta and afford myself a mindful gift. It washes away all my pain, I leave and I feel new energy all over me"

Erik C. - "This is a beautiful place to nurture your soul."

Marleen H. - " Dear Gita! La Maison Pure and Your yoga boutique is such a wonderful place to go to, whether it is to take one of the many various classes that you offer, or to shop for lots of lovely things (that are very hard to resist), your boutique is a wonderful h(e)aven and I love coming back time and time again."

Peter J. - "I definitely love La Maison Pure's yoga. Gitta rocks! She is the coolest and most beautiful charming yoga teacher! The Boutique is the best in the area. I always find presents and things to indulge myself in a cozy place, learning more about yoga and healthy lifestyle every time I go."